Introducing the 12 R* of zero waste: turning the tap! - Love Zero Waste  banner

Introducing the 12 R* of zero waste: turning the tap! - Love Zero Waste

“In this extra special episode, recorded after the Love Zero Waste online session at the Ellen McArthur Foundation Disruptive Innovation Festival, hosts Malin Leth and Evelina Lundqvist explain the 12 R of zero waste and explore new ideas and opportunities on how to tackle the system overload and create system change. In other words, turning off the tap!  What are the 12 R of zero waste? Many of you will already know reduce, reduce and recycle. But there’s more: remember, respect, refuse, return, refill, rot, repurpose, restore and repair! Let's take a closer look!  Mind you, this is not an attempt to define the concept of zero waste. The 12 R and the bullseye, which we talk about in the episode, featuring "remember" in the middle and "recycle" on the outer edge is a hands-on method to approach zero waste. 

*remember, respect, refuse, reduce, reduce, return, refill, rot, repurpose, restore, repair & recycle”

-Love Zero Waste Podcast

Learn about the 12 R's in this 16:06 minute podcast below


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Love Zero Waste

December 23, 2019
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