How to build a business out of trash - Arthur Haung banner

How to build a business out of trash - Arthur Haung

The Wall Street Journal interviews Arthur Huang, 38 from Taiwan about his company, Miniwiz.  The name is a creative twist on minimize, which Taiwan is very serious about. In Taiwan, they do not have a lot of resources to produce products, so recycling is a very important practice for the country, as well as minimizing the usage.  Arthur was a teacher when his frustrations of recycling, product use, and the industry got the best of him.  It encouraged him to find a creative solution that caters to the audience while providing a solution.  "...tolerating peoples uncertainties..." was how Arthur put it, to create these beautiful innovations, interior design, aircraft, and products that are made from recycled material.  

To learn about Arthur Haung, Taiwan, and Miniwiz, view the 5:24 minute video short below

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Olivia Thomas

June 6, 2019
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