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0 By Dr. Claire Koelsch Sand
March 16, 2020

How IoP Can Connect the Packaged Food Value Chain

The Internet of Packaging (IoP) is the application of the Internet of Things to packaging. It is an expansive area that has the potential to address new and old challenges in the packaged food industry. IoP facilitates autonomous data capture, event transfer, network connectivity, and interoperability when it is aligned with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which links physical, biological, and digital sciences. Consumer, retailer, brand owner, packaging, and ingredient supplier levels have already been enhanced by IoP, and meaningful value can be transferred by linking the entire value chain with IoP.

IoP has the most potential when it is applied across the value chain. The need for more sustainable foods and packaging, less food and packaging waste, improved authentication of products, enhanced food safety, better branding, and improved tracking and tracing of products creates a plethora of IoP opportunities. The engagement of the entire value chain enhances benefits and lowers the cost of implementation. For example, IoP can reduce food waste by assessing shelf life via smell, vision, and taste sensors; address food safety via tracking and tracing; enable more reuse and recycling by conveying location-specific package disposal information, and increase efforts to make the sourcing of food and packaging materials more sustainable.

Read the full report on IoP HERE.


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