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Europe’s Circular Economy Action Plan

Europe is one of the biggest consumers of unsustainably sourced products around the world. In terms of ecological footprints, the average European consumes approximately three times more resources than the global capacity. What is interesting, however, is that the EU exerts most of this environmental pressure not on its local environment but on the ecological systems of other countries where goods are produced. Therefore, while the EU is reducing environmental pressures within Europe, it’s demand for goods is fulfilled by producers abroad. This has resulted in an increase in the footprint on resources such as land, water, and energy in other countries due to the demands of the consumers from the EU. This report studies the idea of a circular economy and the possibility of decoupling economic growth from the exploitation of finite natural resources. Read the full report HERE

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Mia Pantzar and Timothy Suljada

April 4, 2020
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