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Dirty Business: What Really Happens to Your Recycling - Nick Martin

Nick Martin a correspondent with SkyNews in the UK, wants to know more about what happens to products put into recycling. It would appear many of us are confused about what can or cannot be recycled, or how it should be recycled. For example, did you know that almost all plastic food packaging is not recyclable?   Nick Martin takes a trip to follow his recyclables locally and internationally. Starting from a sorting plant in the UK all the way to Hong Kong, he discovers the truth about recycling and the true journey of recycled materials.

On the other hand, household recycling often contains a lot of contamination, which limits the marketability of the material. How should attitudes about recycling change to correct this? Why are there so many rules?  What is the National Sword, and why was it created?  What are the business aspects of plastic?  How lucrative is the plastic market?

Follow Nick Martin and his recycling in the UK by watching this 46-minute news report

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Olivia Thomas

August 7, 2019
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