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Consumers Evaluate Products Made of Recycled Ocean Plastic

While industries from all sectors are heavily dependent on plastic as an integral part of their operations, many companies and their consumers have grown sensitive to the adverse environmental impacts of plastic. 

One of the initiatives to reduce the production of new plastic is to recycle and redesign plastic waste collected from the oceans into new products sold to consumers. While some experts claim that consumers are willing to purchase goods sourced by recycled ocean plastic and support circular economy projects such as this one, others share consumer concerns of contamination and poorer quality of products fashioned from recycled plastic. 

This research investigates consumers' responses to products made of recycled ocean plastic. A quantitative study was conducted online with 258 Dutch consumers in which attitudinal and behavioural responses to products made of ocean plastic were investigated. The most important predictors of consumers' purchase intention were anticipated conscience, value for money and perceived functionality. 

The report by Lise Magnier, Ruth Mugge, and Jan Schoormans can be accessible HERE

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Lise Magnier

April 5, 2020
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