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Confused About Bioplastics? - Plastisphere

We often hear the terms 'bioplastic' or 'biodegradable' which are confusing.  'Bio' usually means biology, so something that breaks down biologically.  Right?  The market place tends to market eco-friendly trends to the public expecting the mass majority to not take time to look at what the terms entail, or how the product is created.  So what is it that we are purchasing?  Is it truly a better alternative than not using plastic?  Is there a difference between bioplastic and biodegradable?  What makes those terms different?

"What happens if bioplastics end up in the environment? In this episode, Anja takes a closer look at synthetic polymers marketed as more environmentally friendly. Can they contribute to a healthier planet, and in what way? Anja talks to Frederik Wurm, a chemist developing biodegradable plastics, Constance Ißbrücker of the industry association European Bioplastics, Zero Waste expert Enzo Favoino, marine microbiologist Linda Amaral-Zettler and ecotoxicologist Lisa Zimmermann. Though biodegradable plastics might not fulfill our hopes, it turns out that they might make sense in some niche applications.  The Plastisphere is a research and interview podcast by German freelance journalist Anja Krieger."

Listen to the 32:59-minute podcast below with Anja to learn more




July 18, 2019
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