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"The power sector is at a critical juncture. We urgently need to reduce the fossil fuel intensity of our power generation mix and, in many countries, power sector reform can bring other benefits, such as improvements in health and economic growth. In this program, leading academics from Imperial College London, alongside NREL and experts from industry, will explain why and how to clean up the power sector in your country, illustrated with current, real-life case studies and practical advice. Key global figures from the public and private sector add their own personal and professional perspectives to this course.

The Clean Power Program includes best-practice power sector reform policies from the perspectives of legislators, policymakers, the energy sector, investors and civil society. The first course will explain the way that clean power fits into a wider set of political priorities, such as health, technology, energy security, economic growth, and the environment, in any country or region. In the second course, the policy landscape for the power sector is described in detail, demonstrating how policies can help stimulate the growth of clean power. The third course outlines the challenges and solutions to integrating different types of power sources into one stable, reliable system.

This program will equip you with the knowledge and tools to create a pro-renewables and investor-ready policy environment in your own region. In a world committed to meeting the climate change goals in the Paris Agreement, you will be well informed to apply solutions in your own context. Established ten years ago as an Institute of Imperial College London, the Grantham Institute is a world-leading authority on climate change and environmental issues. The Grantham Institute will bring industry and public sector experts from around the world to share their practical and recent experience."


  • COURSE PRICE $132.30 USD
    • Why Move Towards Cleaner Power: Learn why we need to clean up our power supply, and why is it urgent that we take action now. Gain the tools you need to present arguments in favor of a cleaner power sector in your part of the world
    • Creating a Pro-Renewables Environment: Understand the policy, regulatory and fiscal measures that can incentivize renewable power and drive cleaner investment along the entire electricity supply chain
    • Incorporating Renewable Energy in Electricity Grids: Learn how to manage high shares of variable renewable electricity sources to achieve cost-effective and reliable electricity supplies


Jeff Hardy | Dr. | Imperial College London

Ajay Gambhir | Dr. | Imperial College London

Jo Haigh | Professor | Imperial College London

Shane Tomlinson | Mr. | Imperial College London

Richard Green | Professor | Imperial College London

Clementine Chambon | Dr. | Imperial College London

Kris Murray | Dr. | Imperial College London


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June 14, 2019
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