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With an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic entering the marine environment every year, finding workable solutions to plastic pollution is an urgent challenge of a global scale.

While there has been increased action from businesses and policymakers in the fight against plastic pollution, far more needs to be done to achieve a transition to sustainable consumption and production patterns, and a circular economy where input materials, like plastics, are maintained at their highest economic value for as long as possible and waste is avoided. A crucial but often overlooked element of this transition is consumers. The decisions they make about what products to purchase and how to dispose of them have a crucial influence on production processes and levels of plastic leakage. To address this situation, the United Nations Environment Programme and Consumers International carried out a global mapping and assessment of standards, labels, and claims on plastic packaging, regarding information about materials, production, recyclability, and disposal. The report is global in scope and focuses on plastic packaging for fast-moving consumer goods and food and beverage products.

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United Nations Environment Programme

June 15, 2020
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