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Can a Circular Economy Salvage the Climate? - Climate One

"Produce, consume, discard; we all know the routine.  Raw materials are extracted, produced into goods, and used - sometimes only once - before turning into waste."  

-Greg Dalton, Climate One podcast

Greg Dalton and Climate One dig into a circular economy and our current climate state by bringing in everyone from environmentalists to corporate oil.  He says, "...the best examples are found in nature..." in his interview with Beth Rattner of the Biomimicry Institute, explaining how the circular economy works with nature.  But can a circular economy help our environment while not destroying businesses?  Many people like to recycle. Isn't that an answer, doesn't that help with the circular economy of reuse?  Greg sits down with John Lanier of Ray C. Anderson Foundation, "Recycling is not the answer or the solution to advancing the circular economy,"  Ray Lanier and John Lanier both come from corporate sustainability, understanding a business perspective of a circular economy. 

Many may not understand or realize that it is actually a rather weak solution, or that we have perhaps been making things out of the wrong things this whole time.  So, how can we work a circular economy to work with businesses, human behavior, and politics?  What are some of the better solutions out there other than recycling?  What are other companies working on, or materials using that are better for us and the planet?  What are the better ways to package something and still effectively sell?

"The circular economy challenges us to look beyond the traditional take, make, waste perch of the linear economy that exist today to overcome some of the challenges that Ray has talked about facing us as a society by looking at where the opportunities exist for us to recover those materials to retain their value and repurpose and regenerate them into new products that can continuing perpetual cycles of use."  -Peter Templeton

 Learn about a circular economy and corporate sustainability by listening to the 49:37 minute podcast below with Greg Dalton



Climate One

July 24, 2019
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