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The Recycling Leadership Council

February 11, 2021

Blueprint for America’s Recycling System

The Recycling Leadership Council believes that recycling needs federal action. Solutions at the national level are vital to improve and advance the system, so that more packaging and more types of packaging are recycled. Without federal leadership, the system will remain fragmented and misaligned, with waste becoming increasingly unmanageable and visions of a sustainable future and a circular economy impossible to realize.

Recycling in America will only work with the unified and concerted national effort provided by federal authority and leadership.

Together, the RLC represents a comprehensive list of stakeholders working together to rigorously scrutinize America’s recycling system and provide substantive, actionable solutions with broad stakeholder support. They propose this ambitious blueprint of federal policy action because the current hyper-localized structure lacks the functionality to achieve broad economies of scale and, in many areas, process the packaging of today and tomorrow. 

Without the authority, accountability and incentivization provided by the federal government, the United States will struggle to build a true circular economy. There is an opportunity and the will among stakeholders and American consumers to launch a “moon shot” toward a 21st century recycling system and the circular economy the environment so badly needs and that consumers want.

The RLC is calling for a national strategy on recycling and policy action in three areas: data collection; system standardization and harmonization; and financing and end-market development.

You can access the report HERE.

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