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Biorefinery: From Biomass to Building Blocks of Bio-based Products

"The use of fossil resources is a controversial topic and there is much scientific research to argue against their use for energy, chemicals, and in the production of almost every product. Because of this, we're seeing a huge shift towards sustainable biobased and renewable resources and away from fossil-based ones. In this new world, it’s critical to know how to efficiently and effectively obtain valuable elements from biomass. 
Join this course and gain the latest academic knowledge on biorefinery which can be applied to their ongoing studies or to advance their careers.
Just as the petrochemical refinery is a crucial part of the fossil-based industry, so is the biorefinery for the biobased industry. In a biorefinery, a complex biobased feedstock is separated and processed in such a way to maximize sustainability and application opportunities. Upon completing this course, you will understand the tools and techniques needed to efficiently disentangle, separate and convert different biomass-based feedstocks into simpler (functional) components.
First, you'll learn about available techniques and processes for biomass activation, disentanglement, and separation. Next, you’ll explore how to design a biorefinery taking into account feedstock and sustainable energy use and dive into."

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June 25, 2019
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