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“Mimicking nature might be the plan for your Halloween costume (trick or treating is so close!), but looking to nature is also increasingly seen as a way to solve problems and innovate both in life and business. Biomimicry is a burgeoning field that involves finding sustainable solutions to certain challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. Innovators have found solutions to real-world problems through the study of the shape of a bird's beak, the hide of an armadillo, and the fins of a humpback whale. We'll dive into cool examples and how you can learn to apply the principles of biomimicry both in your own life with the help of our expert guest, Nicole Miller, Managing Director at Biomimicry 3.8”

- Sustainability Defined Podcast

When discovering a problem we typically begin daydreaming about a solution, “oh if only we had this to prevent this!” Suddenly we have a new innovation, a bright idea that can solve this specific problem that we believe everyone would love to use.  Sometimes when creating these innovations it’s smart to sit back and take from what nature is already creating, this concept is called biomimicry. This podcast digs into this concept and what nature already provides for us on our day to day problems we are developing to fix.

Learn more about biomimicry, how it works, and how it can be utilized day to day in this 39:40 minute podcast below


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December 18, 2019
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