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August 18, 2020

Biomimicry and The Nature of Fashion

One of the applications of biomimicry to create a sustainable, circular economy is in the fashion industry. What would the fashion industry look like if it truly functioned as an ecosystem? By realigning ourselves with what occurs in nature, we can design a next-generation textile production model that recognizes its connections to the biosphere. The Biomimicry Institute's recent report called "The Nature of Fashion," explores the material flows that underpin natural systems and shows that the first thing we must learn from nature is how to design for decomposition and dispersal. It also shows how the fashion industry, relying on advances in regenerative agriculture, cellulosic fibers, fermentation, and gasification, can work with existing technology and nature to jump-start the transition to bio-compatible fibers right now. Finally, it includes recommendations for stakeholders on next steps to take to transform the system.

Read the full report HERE

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