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Sustainability Defined

May 27, 2019

Biodegradable products - Sustainability Defined

There are all kinds of claims out there about compostability, bio-based packaging, and biodegradability. In this episode, we clarify all those terms, explain why they’re important, and discuss the latest trends in biodegradable products. We then bring on our expert guest Susanna Carson, someone who once wore a compostable ball gown, to tell us about her bio-based product companies and what we should all know about biodegradable products. Armed with this new info, you’ll be sure to impress at your next party - a party that will undoubtedly feature compostable cups (we’re told that parties with compostable cups never break down...except for the cups).  Recorded live from the Sustainable Brands '18 conference in Vancouver.

-Sustainability Defined Podcast

What is compostability?  What is composting? What is the difference between packaging that claims compostability, bio-based packaging or biodegradability?  This podcast defines and clarifies these terms, and explain the importance of them.  The podcast guest, Susanna Carson discusses her time in a compostable ball and her bio-based product companies.  Susanna talks about what everyone should know about biodegradable products in the industry.

Learn about biodegradable products, terms, and more in this 47:16 minute podcast

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