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Bio-Derived Polymers for Food Packaging

The packaging industry consumes about 40% of the petroleum-based plastics produced (Rabnawaz et al. 2017). Bio-derived and bio-based polymers are part of a portfolio of solutions to use resources more wisely, replace petroleum-based plastics, and decrease greenhouse gases. Bio-based packaging materials are materials derived primarily from renewable sources. This report speaks to the role of bio-polymers and the building blocks of biomass. 

Read the full report on the use of bio-derived polymers for food packaging HERE


The Coca-Cola Co. has a fully recyclable plastic bottle —the PlantBottle 
Made entirely from renewable plant materials encompassing BioFormPX paraxylene by Virent. 

                                                    Photo courtesy of The Coca-Cola Co.



Dr. Claire Koelsch Sand

March 19, 2020
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