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Sustainability Defined

December 18, 2019

Big data and Sustainability by Kate Brandt - Sustainability Defined

“In this episode, we dive into big data, the massive collections of information that we can use to deliver all kinds of insights. These include the ability to predict popular tv shows, determine the best way to combat crime, and identify air pollution hot spots. Big data also calls for a big-time guest, and oh baby did we get one! Kate Brandt, the ever-smiling Lead for Sustainability at Google, joins us to explain how Google uses big data to advance sustainability inside the company and around the world.”

- Sustainability Defined Podcast

Let's paint a hypothetical picture of your mind. You have developed an idea that you would like to make into a money-making innovation that is helping save the world. You strongly believe that this innovation is different, and most definitely will make a change. Your next step should be something along the lines of research and collecting data. In order to sell your business idea, you should understand your market, correct? In this podcast with Kate Brandt with Google breaks down how to bid data can help you and help combat climate change.

Learn more about how big data can help improve innovations and concepts by listening to Kate Brandt in this 44:31 minute podcast


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