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January 7, 2020

Advertising with Jonathan Wise - Sustainababble

“The gentle art of persuading the public to believe that they want something they don’t need”, so a 1905 definition goes. Selling in 2019 is basically the same, except now there’s the added by-product – yay! – of hastening planetary self-combustion.  But what’s it actually like selling stuff you know is bad news? Can the ad industry – increasingly staffed by the eco-anxious, after all – use its dark arts to save the planet? And is Mad Men basically a documentary?  We natter to recovering ad man, and co-founder of The Comms Lab, Jonathan Wise, to find out."

-Sustainababble Podcast

When considering the environment there is a direct link to advertising.  Over the last 10 years, we have seen a variety of shifts in advertising for products and the environment.  Some products changed to a green and brown color scheme, or perhaps using the words 'Green' or 'eco-friendly' while not being true to the concept that comes to a consumer's mind.  Advertising has some sort of trickery directing energy in sales.  This is something every business needs, sales, in order to survive.  As we enter 2020 and work towards environmentally friendly actions and products we must consider advertising.  Jonathan Wise discusses his career path and what lead him to The Comms Lab business and sustainability.

Learn about the relationship in advertising and sustainability in this 42:02 minute podcast below

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