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June 6, 2019

A super-strong plastic that reverts to dust - Jeannette Garcia

"I love plastic, and I know what you are thinking, I must be crazy..."  

In this 7:56 minute, TEDTalk Jeannette Garcia talks about the problem in recyclable plastics and explains polymers in more detail.

"Dr. Jeannette Garcia designs new polymers through sustainable methods, with potential usage as structural composites, cargo carriers, adhesives, sealants, and 3D printing. Garcia's team also uses discarded bottles to create materials, and they designed a low-cost, portable detection system for water toxins. In addition, she researches energy storage for automotive batteries and has interests in chemistries for improving the environment and human health."  -Jeannette Garcia

Jeannette discusses in this video about her accidental invention of a fully biodegradable polymer she believes will be apart of the solution to plastics.  From airplane parts, recycling issues, plastic reverts, water bottles and more dramatically diminishing in landfills. 

Watch the 7:56 minute TEDTalk below to further understand how her accidental plastic invention works

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