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A Sea of Plastics Claims and Credits


As more companies and governments make commitments to address plastic pollution, several plastic offset claims and credit schemes have emerged.
Plastic claims validate a plastic material based on its source or the way it has been processed. Similar to carbon offset credit schemes, plastic offset credit schemes are meant to provide credit holders the right to offset the amount of plastic waste they generate. This has, in turn, resulted in the emergence of standards, certifications and credit programs focused on accounting for ocean plastics or circular plastics.

In 2020, The Circulate Initiative (TCI) reviewed 32 standards, certifications, and credit programs to assess strengths and weaknesses across the current landscape and whether current programs are equipped to help buyers meet their impact objectives. Key findings from the review have been outlined below. In addition, TCI identified 11 best practices to ensure that the outcome of these programs contribute to meaningful impact on preventing ocean plastic pollution.

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The Circulate Initiative

February 22, 2021
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