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10 Ways to Reduce Waste - Zero Waste for Beginners

"Have you heard of the zero-waste lifestyle? Today's video is a beginner's guide to zero waste: 10 tips for reducing waste!" -Aileen Xu

We all seem to have an understanding to not use plastic bags, or to bring your own bag to the store, but what about the other aspects of our life?  There are hundreds of plastic items all over our homes, in our lives, what is the best alternative switch?  In this video short, Aileen Xu provides some creative, researched alternatives for you to begin using. 

She breaks down her methods with the "5 R's of Waste Management"

REFUSE what you don't need 

REDUCE what you do need 

REUSE what you already have 

RECYCLE what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse 

ROT the rest

Learn more about how Aileen Xu began her zero-waste lifestyle by watching the 7:16 minute video below

Aileen Xu is a partner with Ecosia on this video, a company that plants trees for every search you make on the internet!

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Olivia Thomas

June 21, 2019
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