By Olivia Thomas
August 6, 2019

zero waste shops opening across europe | rob greenfield | video short

"Zero Waste stores are popping up all over Europe. You can now shop package-free in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and even in the heart of London . Bulk Market is London's first zero-waste shop, on a mission to tackle food and plastic waste by stocking package-free staples, freshly baked goods, dairy, fresh produce, and other zero-waste household and beauty products. Bulk Market has teamed up with small local suppliers who align with their values. Everything is sourced from a 50-mile radius and utilizes the sustainable practice of refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot." -Rob Greenfield 

Rob Greenfield ventures out to Europe to discover the zero-waste shop revolution.  Imagine simply grabbing your bags and containers, walking to the shop, and filling to YOUR preference of volume.  It is common consumers stuck purchasing the volume provided, resulting in food waste, packaging waste, and money.  To be able to decide with a conscious choice of volume, and zero packaging waste is a revolution worth trying.  An interesting concept that provides multiple solutions to waste problems.

Discover zero-waste shops with Rob Greenfield by watching the 1:32 minute video below;

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