By Olivia Thomas
September 25, 2019

your climate change reality check | podcast

Let's take it back to our childhood favorite scientist: Bill Nye, The Science Guy.  Climate change, skeptics, government, policies, and the rapid changes that are happening all over the world often leave us feeling confused.  There seems to be a constant eb and flow of argument and questions.  In this episode with Bill Nye he takes the time to bring a reality check on what climate change is all about, what is really happening, and the solutions on how to talk about these sensitive topics.  Having this conversation of environment and politics doesn't have to be so challenging, it's important.  Take on this podcast episode to open up your communication skills on a popular topic of today.

"To solve any problem, you must be optimistic that you can find a solution.  The problem of climate change is no different.  We're joined by Dr. Michael Mann of Penn State, who's been studying climate science for decades, to talk the climate reality we're dealing with and to answer some calls.  Mann gives call Jacob some strategies for conversing with climate change skeptics, and he answers Emma's critical question: What is the single most important thing we can do right now to alleviate the pressures from climate change?" -Bill Nye, Science Rules

Learn more about climate change and more with Bill Nye in this 52:02 minute podcast;

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