By Olivia Thomas
July 29, 2019

two adults, two kids, zero waste | bea johnson | TEDtalk

"...they tell that for each application we need a different product...then we have a cabinet filled with toxic products we don't actually need..." -Bea Johnson

Could your entire wardrobe fit into a single carry on?  Bea Johnson talks about her family of four and the journey to zero waste.  She displays a jar showing her waste from a single year, how they minimized their home into multiple aspects.  A genuine concept that can be carried over into your home, office, or day to day consumer behavior.  She followed the classic refuse-reduce-refuse-recycle-ROT to produce a zero-waste household.  Beginning her journey with the family in 2008 didn't start off as easy as many may believe, and no they didn't just throw their waste into other people's trash to accomplish such goals.  From thrifting, fixing, and researching alternatives Bea Johnson seems to accomplished a minimalists dream.  What is it that she did to accomplish this?  What materials and remedies did she discover?

Listen to Bea's family journey to zero waste in this 14:04 minute TED talk below;

Bea Johnson's blog and business;


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