By Olivia Thomas
September 25, 2019

the litter collecting app | podcast

Picking up litter has been a concept many of us have done or created by accident.  It is a constant challenge to pick up the litter filling our parks, waterways, public areas, roads, etc.  There are 100s of initiatives and pushes to pick up litter for that feel-good vibe we seek.  What if this app as discussed in this episode of The Disruptive Environmentalist became apart of businesses and companies.  An initiative for employees to receive a reward from the company they work for while partnering with a positive impact?  An interesting solution to help encourage behavioral change. 

"We've spoken about the issue of plastic waste in a few previous episodes, but the problem of litter extends much beyond that.  There are many other materials and items that are used in an increasingly disposable manner and that contribute to this epidemic.  The problem of littering extends far beyond the environment.  Yes, it has impact on wildlife within the oceans or on land as they ingest non-biodegradable materials or become trapped.  But other problems of littering include the cost of a start with 7 million euros being spent on cleaning up litter every year in just the UK.  Then interestingly there is a phenomenon where an increase in littering as been shown to lead to an increase in other negative behaviours in an area...However, the innovation I bring you today hopes to change that.  Litterati is a mobile app, created by Jeff Kirchner.  It started off as an Instagram hashtag, but it started to grown into a global movement.  Jeff then realized he was collecting lots of useful data and perhaps this data could be leveraged to approach brands who were the main litter offenders..." -the Disruptive Environmentalist podcast

Learn more about Litterati and the app creator in this 45:48 minute podcast;

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