By Olivia Thomas
June 13, 2019

sustainability through a circular economy | maayke damen | TED talks

"...each year we throw 2 trillion worth of materials away..." -Maayke Damen

Maayke Damen begins her talk with the day her inspiration of circular economy and materials began, with her coffee maker breaking.  She discusses how many materials go into a single production of a single product, that it is so long we loose an understanding of what actually is in our products, "...there are so  many steps in the production chain we have no idea what is in our products eventually..."

Social media connections, and a circular economy can have connections of their own, how?  Maayke Damen and Christian van Maaren are the founders of EME, Excess Materials Exchange, 'A Dating Site for Secondary Materials' , a connection site for businesses and materials.  

Learn about how Maayke took the concept of a circular economy, social media, and connections and created business watching the 11:30 minute video below;

Explore EME and Maayke Damen's current company by clicking the photo below;


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