By Olivia Thomas
August 6, 2019

recycling update: how's it going? | podcast

Josh and Chuck are the podcast artists hosting "Stuff You Should Know," which once touched on the concept of recycling years past. In this episode, they update themselves and their knowledge of what recycling is all about.  Given the adjustments with China, National Sword, and other countries, things have changed quite a bit.  Is this still the best 'R' (Refuse-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) today?  What are the common issues with recycling?  What happened with China and taking in the recyclable product from other countries?  Is single sorting the proper way to do things vs. sorting?

On one hand, it would show that participation in recycling has grown dramatically since sorting recycling.  On the other hand, we see a higher rate of contamination, items that are not recyclable or product that breaks and can not be recycled at the conclusion of the process.  The recycling company is not the guys supposed to be sorting our trash, with a stronger education path of how recycling works we could all see a more profitable recycling process.

Learn more about Stuff You Should Know, Recycling today, in this 67-minute podcast below;

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