By Olivia Thomas
July 29, 2019

neither created, nor destroyed - waste to energy | john koker | TEDtalk

" a young age my job involved trash..." - John Koker, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Dean

The Dean of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has found most of his job descriptions somehow involving waste.  When he became the dean of UWO they made a promise or agreement to become a more sustainable university in 2001.  Through fair trade agreements, renewable energy, and regulating waste they began to find how much food waste the students were producing per year.  Student food waste at universities is among the highest producer of the waste in the country, this led to the production of the dry fermentation anaerobic digester.  In America alone approximately 254 billion tones/year are produced, 162 million after recycling and other waste diversions are sent to a landfill.  How can building such a facility help?  How does it produce energy, and how can that energy be used or stored?  John Koker explains how this concept is a fantastic underutilized option that can help dramatically reduce university waste.

Follow John and his story in Wisconsin by watching the 15:43 minute TED talk below;

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