By Olivia Thomas
July 24, 2019

millions of waste pickers | EP 3 | podcast

Anja Krieger and Plastisphere reach out to Dr. Jenna Jambeck and Amy Brooks from the university of Georgia.  They ventured out to low income areas of the world such as, Vietnam, to learn and conduct research on their waste management and plastic pollution situation.  "In many Asian countries, a booming economy is coupled with more and more people using throw-away items. Informal recyclers and waste pickers who have traditionally sorted the waste cannot keep up. But, like millions of people around the world, they depend on waste as a resource for their livelihoods. How can the systems be reformed without leaving the people behind?" -Anja Krieger 

"When you hear the term waste management what do you think about?" -Anja Krieger

As Asian countries develop and adopt more Western consumerism habits, this also means a growth in waste and plastic.  Many Asian countries are the top ocean plastic polluters of the world.  What is causing the increase in waste?  What is the most common form of waste in those countries? Anja answers these questions and more.

Join Anja Krieger on this discussion of waste management by listening to this 28:08 minute podcast below;

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