By Olivia Thomas
July 24, 2019

mid-course correction revisited | book

John A. Lanier is the grandson of Ray C. Anderson, both working for corporations to find sustainability.  Ray, was a carpet manufacturer, was a known storyteller no one couldn't listen to, and shows in his book he wrote Mid-Course Correction.  Now as things alter, add new terms and lingo, John has revisited his grandfather's book and adjusted a few points enhancing the concept of industrialists and green businesses.  John A. Lanier is now the executive director (circa 2013) enhancing his grandfathers legacy in the Ray C. Anderson Foundation

"The foundation's mission is to further Anderson's voice and vision through substantial investment in evolutionary practices and technologies, including the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge, and The Ray, a unique stretch of highway used as a living laboratory for the evolving ideas and technology that will transform the transportation infrastructure of the future."

Altered changes as stated from John A. Lanier;

Mid-Course Correction Revisited is both a how-to and a why-to on the future for green business, as seen through the lens of one of the most pioneering industrialists in history and amended by a new generation of thinking. Mid-Course Correction Revisited features:

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