By Olivia Thomas
June 6, 2019

marketing sustainability | EP 28 | podcast

Often in the world of sustainability, environmentally friendly products, science, and businesses, we hit a wall with human behavior.  The audience that we are targeting for our product or innovation is our challenge in this realm because our audience is everyone.  So, how do you convince 'everyone' to shift their preferences towards an environmentally safe product/concept?  This podcast breaks down what is marketing and how does it work?  Why should we use marketing in sustainability, how can it help?  Guests previewed in this podcast: Soli Townsend, co-founder of the sustainability strategy and change agency Futerra.  


"...a creative agency that our guest Soli Townsend co-founded, described one approach to marketing sustainability in its fantastic paper called “Sell the Sizzle” (8). This of course is a reference to the famous sales line, “Don’t sell the sausage, sell the sizzle.” The “sizzle” refers not to the thing itself, but to what gets people hungry and excited for the thing. Futerra argues that the climate change movement has not successfully sold the sizzle. Images of global sea level rise, hunger, and displacement make the future look hellish, and hell don’t make people want to join the sustainability movement. Instead, Futerra believes we should focus on the opposite –– a low-carbon heaven –– to help people envision a better, desirable future, and motivate them to make choices actions that send them in the right direction."

Listen to this episode to learn how to market and build a marketing campaign for sustainability below;

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