By Olivia Thomas
August 7, 2019

imagine using garbage to fuel your car | enerkem | video short

Enerkem is a company located in the Netherlands focused on taking everyday waste that is unable to be recycled and turning it into energy.  They have designed factories that take in waste, and withdraw the carbon components from various products.  From there, the was is processed, purified, and reconstructed into methanol.  Typically we see methanol used for the production of various consumer products such as plastic, glues, and more.  This constructed concept has brought together multiple partners, jobs, and reduces the waste of over 58,000 households/factory.  A wonderful concept that takes waste to energy effectively.

Learn about how Enerkem is building a circular economy in this 3: 36-minute video below;

Carbon can be found everywhere, in everything, in the products we use every day.  Those products that we cannot recycle still hold carbon that can be utilized as energy.  Enerkem takes carbon from non-recyclable waste and converts it into useful products.  This process is broken down into several steps, creating a circular economy and useful products to be produced.

Learn how this process works in watching this 4: 01-minute video below;

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