By Olivia Thomas
June 11, 2019

drawdown | book

For the last thirty years our atmosphere has been building up with carbon.  We all understand global warming to some level, the book Drawdown is compiled of "...100 most substantive solutions to global warming."  The book breaks down each solution, its history, the kind of carbon impact that it would provide, cost and saving, how to adopt the solution, and how the solutions work.  With all the solutions discussed, understood in detailed, peer-reviewed science, as stated on the book, "The goal of the research that informs Drawdown is to determine if we can reverse the buildup of atmospheric carbon within thirty years."

Many understand that global climate change is a serious and real issue at hand, Drawdown says, "There have been agreements and proposals on how to slow, cap, and arrest emissions, and there are international commitments to prevent global temperature increases from exceeding two degrees centigrade over pre-industrial levels." Progress from 195 nations, gathering and taking note of the crisis that we know as global warming. 

The book breaks into detail of, "The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has accomplished the most significant scientific study in the history of humankind, and continues to refine the science, expand the research, and extend our grasp of one of the most complex systems imaginable—climate." Yet as noted, there doesn't seem to be a clear road map for everyone to follow on this road of change.

"To be clear, our organization did not create or devise a plan. We do not have that capability or self-appointed mandate. In conducting our research, we found a blueprint that already exists in the world in the form of humanity’s collective wisdom, made manifest in applied, hands-on practices and technologies. Individuals, communities, farmers, cities, companies, and governments have shown that they care about this planet, its people, and its places. Engaged citizens the world over are doing extraordinary work. We are finding and telling their stories." 

This book reaches for more than just what is at hand for a solution, to further the progress with everyone, the global nations to take charge of the the crisis at hand.  Take a moment to dig deeper into some solutions as written by Paul Hawken.

To purchase this book, read more about Paul Hawken's work, explore the Drawdown website click the book cover below;

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