how africa is leading the way on plastic bag bans

July 12, 2019

When you think of environmental consciousness, the first continent that comes to mind is Europe. However, the surprising truth is that Africa is leading the way when it comes to bans and regulations restricting single use plastic bags. Here are two videos that highlight the seriousness with which countries like ...


report about plastic regulations by country

July 11, 2019

As country after country adopts regulations to limit, ban, tax or regulate single use plastics, it can be quite hard to keep up with the regulatory landscape. This report by the UN Environment Programme in partnership with World Resources Institute has compiled A Global Review of National Laws and Regulations ...


plastic bag regulations around the world

July 10, 2019

Countries around the world are imposing bans or taxes on single use plastic bags to counter the pollution caused by litter. This Wikipedia page has compiled a list of all these countries and details about the policy. This world map summarizes it quite well.

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