By Olivia Thomas
July 16, 2019

algae and all it can be used for | EP 63 | podcast

We all have some kind of understanding of algae an what it is, or have interacted with algae on some level.  Whether you have tasted a delightful sushi roll, or eaten fish you have had algae.  From understanding the micro or macro algae to the omega 3 compounds of algae, there is a plane of discoverable properties that algae can provide for us.  Dr. Janice McCauley, a research fellow from the University of Technology Sydney, Judy Friedlander, a research assistant from the University of Technology Sydney, and Ross Thompson, chair of Water Science and Director of Institute for applied ecology at the University of Canberra are speakers of this podcast digging into what can be done with algae.  That green plant species could provide us with alternatives to plastic? an alternative for legos?  an alternative to surf boards?

Dig deeper on algae, how it can be used as a bioproduct in this 29:07 minute podcast;

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