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Our Philosophy

We believe that the world's biggest environmental issues can be indeed be solved. By connecting individuals through an online platform, our mission is to accelerate sustainable solutions for collaboration and global impact.

At Ubuntoo, we are a community of believers and achievers, a gathering place where competitors become collaborators and research becomes reality.

We connect changemakers, like you, around the world in an effort to shape the industry today by achieving the sustainable change of tomorrow.

Our Community

The issues we face on the planet cannot be solved in individual silos. Our team invites you to join The Ubuntoo Collective, a global community of 4484 professionals dedicated to sustainable solutions.
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Our Platform
Ubuntoo hosts the world's largest AI-enabled database for plastic pollution. As a unique collaboration network, members can partner seamlessly with innovators and stay updated on the most recent research and industry news. Plus, we keep our platform easily searchable and user-friendly, so finding a solution won't be a problem.

Our Services
Working directly with corporate teams, we also help the world's top organizations accelerate their environmental agenda with our suite of products and services. Discover, innovate, and collaborate using our customizable Greenhouse feature, leveraging the expertise of the Ubuntoo Collective

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Our Core Values




At Ubuntoo, we don't see competitors, we see collaborators. We believe innovation depends on connecting a community of changemakers.




We're solution-driven, not issue-focused. Our platform empowers and celebrates sustainable solutions at the local, national and global level.




The solutions found on Ubuntoo are featured purely based on their merits. We provide neutral content, free of agendas and paid listings.




This platform was built for you. We're committed to transparency, open dialogue, and excellence in our effort to create positive impact together.

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